Who We Are

PartyCakeWallWrap_48x144-B (3)PartyCakeWallWrap_48x144-B (4)In the 1980s, a young Olga and Juan Montano found their passion in the baking industry. Olga, an immigrant from Las Tunas, Cuba, gained her passion of decorating cakes from her idol and role model, Aida, her grandmother. At 14, she began assisting her grandmother to bake and decorate cakes to help her family’s financial difficulties. Soon thereafter, she obtained a major position as a cake decorator in Publix Supermarkets, where her work was quickly recognized. Her work caught the eyes of managers and supervisors so often that she was asked to host grand openings and to make commercials for the company. Juan, also an immigrant, from Pinar del Rio, Cuba, developed his love for baking while making deliveries for a popular Miami french bakery. A young and motivated Juan would stay after his delivery shift to learn from the french pastry chefs. A few months later, he became a pastry chef himself, making croissants for hours. He then relocated to Publix Supermarkets, where he was promoted to Bakery Assistant Manager and shortly thereafter Bakery Manager. Here, Olga and Juan met and learned the discipline, hard work and dedication that they would later use to become so successful in the baking world. After ten years, Olga and Juan Montano, now with four boys, made the tough life changing decision to leave the company they had worked to follow their dreams. Pursuing their dream was something their parents could only wish for in communist Cuba. On May 1st, 1993, Party Cake Bakery was born in a small 1,300 square foot bakery on Miller inPartyCakeWallWrap_48x144-B (2) the growing west side of Miami. Their dream would soon turn into a reality. The early years were a struggle; Olga made cakes and assisted customers, while Juan made the baked goods. The four boys slept behind the display cases in the early mornings as they waited for the school bus. Their dedication began to pay off as customers began flocking in ordering their morning “Cafe Cubano” or their beloved “pastel de carne”. With demand picking up, they were obligated to find some help. Before they knew it, thousands of pastries were sold a week and hundreds of customers were served a day. A decade later, they decided to expand that dream a little further by opening their second location on Coral Way. In 2011, Olga and Juan decided to take on a different challenge serving ‘Food by the Pound’ at one of their Party Cake Bakery locations. Soon thereafter, they began to provide PartyCakeWallWrap_48x144-B (6)catered food to their other bakeries. In 2014, the Montano family decided to change the face of the Cuban bakery market by opening three locations with an open kitchen view. They soon began to see this payoff as customers began to arrive early to watch the bakers and decorators crafting the beautiful pastries, cakes and breads they are proud to serve. Today, Party Cake Bakery has grown into a premier bakery with nine locations, providing nearly 150 jobs in the community. The Montano family, like the business, has grown throughout the years to six kids and two grandchildren. With Olga and Juan still at the helm of the business, their story, like so many immigrants, has become an example to the family that with patience, commitment, dedication and hard work you will always accomplish your dreams.

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